Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of these things is not like the others...

This was the second wrong cut so far. I think I'm doing pretty well. I was told a proverb by a German friend: Wo gehobelt wir, da fallen Spane. I found more than one English translation, but this one made the most sense "where wood is chopped, splinters must fall".  As far as I can tell it has come to mean mistakes don't happen when work isn't being done.

In any case, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a couple of decking screws. It will be hidden anyway. What did people do before drywall screws and duct tape? Were there fewer mistakes?
The  braces are cut, but I need to find a band saw to scallop the underside. They will look much better with a little bit of a curve to them.

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  1. Dry wall screws -- world's second greatest invention behind air least in my opinion