Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raising Day

The raising was successful! A good group of almost twenty people showed up to help out on this cold snowy October day. After a hearty breakfast we all  jumped right into the project and before I knew it, the frame was standing! Disregarding the occasional fat tenon, everything fit together correctly and the raising went smoothly. I was worried that having this many people would be hard to manage, but everyone seemed to find a place to help out and we weren't bumping into each other too much: I am continually amazed at how much space 100 square feet actually is. Having this many people made quick work of what would have taken me forever by myself.

It is a huge relief for me to see this standing. Now I can relax a bit and move onto stage two: pegging and rough framing of the walls.

Thank you Seah, Theressa, CJ, Anna, Tom, James, Allison, Frank, Stephen, Kirk, Patricia, Pat, Annie, Bryan, Drew, Dillon, Jon and Dave for helping me out! Check back soon for more pictures.

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  1. Awesome, Ian ... really awesome ... you never cease to amaze me with your ideas and genius!