Monday, September 17, 2012


This past week I finally built and installed the two removable panels that make up my gable walls. For once the place is fully closed in (minus the windows)! It is nice to hear the wind without the accompaniment of fluttering tarps over the holes. This is also the first time I have used dimensioned two by fours and plywood. I wanted to keep them as simple, light and rigid as possible, and plywood was the best way to do that. The west end has a diamond shaped window that will hopefully be stained glass at some point. For now it is just plexiglass siliconed in place. The east side over the loft will have a double casement to match the smaller kitchen window. For now it is also plexiglass.

Is that another tiny house in the background? ...possible future story

I seem to go through phases where I do mostly planning, then I switch and build for a while. This one seemed to take a long time to get to, but it finally happened last Sunday while I was reading a book about tiny houses. Seeing photos of other people's houses inspired me to get up and do something. Five hours later, I had just finished installing the new wall! A couple of days later the second one happened, and then the following day a window frame.

Hopefully this productivity continues. The perfect Fall weather helps.

The next step will be to finish trimming out the edges, install siding, and hopefully get a couple of top coats of paint on before winter!

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  1. Ian, your house is really coming together nicely! I've enjoyed following your progress on this blog -- thanks for that!

    Oh, and did I mention that I think your high roof with removable panels is a brilliant solution to the portability issue? And that loft looks so... lofty...

    Please keep up the great work!