Thursday, July 2, 2009

A typical New England day

When I bought my first car in Massachusetts, I learned about "typical new england rust". Almost every advertisement for a car over eight years old has this in the description. It is passed off as something unimportant and unavoidable. I have learned that for a car, it is like being diagnosed with a terminal cancer and only a couple of years to live. Like "typical new england rust", we also have "typical new england days". Depending on the time of the year this phrase is used, it can mean anything from mud, fog, snow, slush, ice, flooding and anything else messy revolving around the weather. We have had a lot of these days this spring.

Because of the rain, work was cut short and I got to come home early. While drinking my third coffee of the morning and drooling over tools and building materials on craigslist, I stumbled across an add for a heavy duty, tandem axle trailer with an 8' x 12' bed. No mention of the dreaded "typical new england rust"! I spoke to the owner and by two o clock I was at his house checking it out, by three driving it home through the torrential rain, and at three thirty struggling to back it up the 20% grade hill that I live on.

I plan on building the frame of the house onto the trailer so that I am able to move it, and to avoid zoning laws. Because it is going to be so tall I will make the roof panels and rafters removable so that I can legally haul it on the road. It is not really going to be a mobile home and I don't plan on moving it too much, but since I have put so much work into this and am not ready to settle in any one area yet, I like the idea of having it be transportable.

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