Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am happy to say that the house survived its first inclement weather. We moved it down there just in time! At the time I am writing this, we have had nearly two feet of snow and it is still coming down! I was worried last night that the wind and snow would rip the tarp I have over the roof, but it was steep enough that no snow collected on it. When I shoveled my way down to the house to check  on it this morning, it was dry and cozy inside even though the wind was blowing hard enough to shake the thing on its springs.  I will definitely have to put some sort of footings in the ground when the earth thaws this spring. I am excited that the space feels so comfortable and that I have  perfect scenery out of all my windows!


  1. incredible; can't wait for updates !

  2. I found your blog via the "Tiny House Blog". I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading about your house building journey. Good luck with future progress!