Friday, September 30, 2011

Kitchen thoughts

Here is the most recent plan for my kitchen. I know it seems a bit pre-mature to be thinking about the kitchen when I don't have windows, a stove and insulation but I love cooking. Sometimes it is easier to think about doing things than to actually do them anyway. Somewhere there is a healthy balance between doing and thinking.
Earlier this summer  found a propane range and oven on craigslist. It is a very basic 24" model but it seems to be about the right balance of size and functionality. Originally I wanted the stove to be on the north wall where the sink is shown in the model, but this seemed to be a bit to big for that spot. The width is fine but it is just too deep. Having the stove on the north wall seemed to create a good flow between the prep space, sink and the table/countertop that separates the kitchen from the living space. The stove in the current location will work but I hate to break up that one long counter space. If I find a slightly smaller stove I will revert back to that plan, but for now I am going to stick to the current model, unless anyone has a better idea?

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  1. I would recommend putting the stove back in its original location on the north wall. Even though the current setup might look like it improves the flow, in a kitchen that small almost any layout will work because you're not having to walk anywhere - everything is at your fingertips. The major disadvantage of the current location you're showing is that an oven is loaded and unloaded from the front, and with the oven door open you'll have no clearance to do so - you'll have to try and work from the side, which is much more awkward. I say put it back on the north wall and increase the counter depth there so it comes flush to the front of the stove.