Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Packed with foam.

Over several nights I worked on insulating the roof. First I nailed the sheathing to what will be the top side of the panel. I am using rough cut 1"x8" pine. The boards are spaced about an inch apart. This is called skip-sheathing and is a traditional underlayment for a copper roof.

The next step in the roof panel process was filling them with the insulation. It was a fairly straight forward process of cutting the foam to width and forcing it in between the studs. If there were any gaps I filled them with expanding spray foam.

The only hitch that I ran into was that some of the foam was actually up to a quarter inch thicker than the studs. I was worried that the shiplap panelling would not be tight to the studs. To remedy this I simply tacked some old plaster lath onto the edge of the studs to thicken them.

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