Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ants vs. chain saw

After a tired day at work I knew what had to be done. Running on pure adrenalin, I came home, gassed up the chainsaw and weedwacker and went at them- The trees that is. Several hours later, covered in tree parts and ferns I had a little front yard! I had successfully won the first battle with the advancing forrest.

Ants, along with fungus, mold and rot love moist wood. My problem was caused by two things. My house is situated in a damp area to start with. To make matters worse, Norway Maple saplings and ferns had sprung up all over, under and around my house. The ants could easily invade the house from any angle they wished. Once inside, they found a great place under the mattress where two plywood sheets were overlapping each other. If the problem had gone any longer I am sure they would have made a nest in there. After a good cleaning and airing out, the ants seem to have understood my wishes. I still can usually find one or two in the house at any given time, but they seem to be just checking out the craftsmanship. Only room for one carpenter in here!

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  1. It looks great! I'm sure you are happy to have that roof on. The whole thing, gas lights, clearing, patio is beginning to look finished and permanent. Very nice!